​​My name is George Jones, Jr. and I am a  fourth-generation broommaker.  My  great-grandfather, George M. Jones, was the first to make brooms in my family.  He was the  manager of a large tenant farm in West Lauderdale County, Alabama.  There were fifty families that lived and worked on this 1200 acre farm.  Over the years, the farm  produced many crops including cotton and corn.  In 1931, the United States was in the midst of the Great Depression.  During this time, most of the price supports for farm crops were removed and the economy of the farm came to a stand still.  My great-grandfather began making brooms and growing popcorn to help generate income for the farm.


Fast-forward to 1986.  This is where I began my broommaking journey. That year my father grew some very good broomcorn and I made my first brooms.  I rejoiced  in reviving the tradition that may family had enjoyed for many years.  I wanted to look at brooms differently.  I wanted to make brooms that were not only functional, but also pieces of art.  I wanted to “Make Sweeping Fun!”   I was the first broommaker in my family to create "FUNCTIONAL PIECES OF ART"!

I participated in my first Craft Festival in 1992.  This was the Kentuck Festival held annual the third weekend in October. This was all the push I needed to follow my love for broommaking.  
Now, I travel throughout the Southeast attending both Art and Craft Festivals.  I generally participate in 15 to 18 events each year.  

You can purchase my brooms from me at a local festival.  I will post the festivals I will attend each month on this site.  You can also purchase my work from the Kentuck Gallery Shop in Northport, Alabama.  If you are in New York City, you can purchase my work at the American Folk Art Museum Shop. You can also just call or email me with your orders especially if you are wanting something very special.


George Jones, Jr.

George's Broom Closet

About Me

George Jones, Jr. demonstrating broommaking on the porch of Pope's Tavern during the Frontier Days Celebration.

A Few State Honors….

In 1996, I received a Folk Arts Apprenticeship Grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts as a Master Craftsman.

In 2007, I received a Fellowship in Craft from the Alabama State Council on the Arts.  Each year, two craft artist are selected for this honor based on their body of work and expertise in their craft.

In 2013, I again received a Folk Arts Apprenticeship grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts.